I’m a long-term US expat, who has spent the majority of my adult life living, working and investing in numerous countries around the world, and on every inhabitable continent.  Like so many of our clients, I long ago became aware of an alarming trend of rapidly declining levels of personal freedom,  and our basic human right to personal privacy, in the rapidly declining industrialized world which I have happily left behind.

As it is my life’s passion, this quest for personal freedom, and our basic human right to personal privacy, I work to help others achieve those same goals, and to help their children avoid a lifetime of declining standards of living. With an apparent irreversible downward economic spiral currently in motion in North America and the European Union, not to mention Japan, the only way to avoid the negative effects of this degradation is through wide diversification. That means as to asset class, financial institutions, and jurisdiction.  

I help our clients accomplish this by sharing the value of my personal experiences on a number of fronts, and obtained through years of experience in this arena.  Recently, the changes have been quick, and mostly detrimental to our freedom.  I work hard to stay ahead of this curve, and to help our clients do so as well.

What we do at TDV Offshore

Formation of offshore legal umbrellas in the form of an LLC or IBC

This is typically the first step in your diversification plan. We know that it takes a great deal of contemplation and soul-searching to take that first step, but history shows, that once that step is taken, our clients realize the benefits, and therefore increase their offshore foothold. The reasons to establish a company in a privacy-respecting jurisdiction are many, to name a few: 1) No recognition of foreign judgments 2) Names of owners are not public record 3) Creditors receive only charge order status in case that a local judgment has been obtained, etc etc

Bank, Brokerage and Precious Metals purchasing and storage

Now that you have a properly established structure to hold, and act as a legal umbrella for your assets, you need to move those assets to a similarly asset-protecting environment.  Therefore, we will also help you to establish a bank or brokerage account in the name of the newly established company, and in one of these same jurisdictions, where sharing the names of the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (you) is also restricted by law.  Of course, the name of your account will be your company name, and that company is registered in a different jurisdiction, and the disclosure of the UBO’s of the company, in that separate jurisdiction, are also protected by law.

This will protect you from such threats as:

  1. Ever increasing confiscation by unaccountable bureaucrats.  Every day ordinary people wake up to find out that their assets have been frozen based on a mere accusation.  Good luck proving innocence without the funds to hire an attorney
  2. US and European banks are being set up for failure.  Again.  However, this time printing money for a bail out won’t be possible.  One way or another, you’ll be participating in wealth confiscation in the form of a bail-in.  Diversify out of fiats, and those fiats you’re forced to maintain should be out of the USD, and out of US and Euro banks
  3. Devaluation of the USD.  We’ve been telling people for a longtime to take advantage of the temporary strength of the USD, and get into other currencies.  In 2016, you have already missed that peak, but can still protect from further devaluations
  4. Get into PM’s and outside of the USSA.
  5. There is still risk of absurd litigation as well.  Offshore assets are much more difficult and costly to attack, and with a trust or foundation, impossible to attach  

The fee to establish both an LLC, and an account in the name of the LLC, is $2,600 ($2,400 for TDV Premium subscribers).  This includes apostille of company documents, delivery of the original documents to you, and our assistance in every aspect of both processes.  

I stay available to you in the future to answer any questions you may have in which my experiences may be of value.  Our network of clients are a group of like-minded people who are living in every corner of the globe.  I’m continuously connecting those who have joined our growing club to achieve a bit of synergy in our/their experiences, and on a growing number of topics.

Self Directed IRA

For our US citizen clients only – SD IRAs are Self-Directed tax-deferred retirement accounts. Actually, all IRA’s are self-directed, but the IRS allows each administrator the opportunity to decide what types of investments to offer.  As a result banks and brokerage houses only offer the products that they benefit from, like US stocks, CD’s and mutual funds in which they can earn commissions from you.  

Under the plan we offer, there are no investment options offered, and therefore no bias nor restrictions to USD-based investments.  Outside of a very few prohibited transactions, you can legally diversify your tax-deferred IRA assets out of the USD, and into foreign real estate, precious metals, foreign stocks etc, and legally maintain a qualified status and therefore stay tax-deferred, and protected from the imminent conversion to worthless government bonds.

We will assist you from start to finish to:

  1. Perform a tax-free rollover to an IRS registered US custodian.
  2. Establish an offshore LLC to hold the assets.
  3. Establish offshore accounts to hold your assets and protect them from US governmental confiscation.
  4. Transfer your assets out of harm’s way

The fee to perform all of these steps is $3,200 ($2,900 for TDV Premium subscribers).  You can be certain that your Senators and Representatives have already made this move.  What are you waiting for?

Trusts and Foundations

Trusts and Foundations are the best of all asset protection umbrellas for your life’s savings. With a Trust or Foundation, you’re not only protected by the same privacy and anonymity laws as with companies, but have the added benefit of transferring ownership of assets to this legal vehicle, while maintaining 100% control of those assets.

As I prefer the foundation, let me use that as an example, as although the benefits of the trust and foundation are identical, the foundation has a bit more flexibility, and lower annual fees.  Very briefly, the Council Members of the foundation, have a fiduciary responsibility to protect the assets for the future ownership of your named beneficiaries, but no control over those assets after we have correctly structured the ownership under an LLC with the foundation as sole member, and you would also be sole signatory on all accounts, etc.

If you would like to further discuss your specific situation, and which structure and jurisdiction(s) would best suit your needs, please complete the following contact form.  I will then contact you by email in order to establish an appointment for a free consultation via either skype or by telephone.

For those who become clients, we can also discuss some ways to obtain citizenship in a new country, and obtain a more reliable travel document.  There are also some ways to disengage from the US system legally if you’re forced by circumstances to remain there.


TDV Offshore offers professional services for clients seeking to set up International Business Companies (IBCs), Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs), Trusts and banking in various offshore jurisdictions. There are many reasons to incorporate offshore and numerous great options for TDV Offshore clients to take advantage of, but it is of the utmost importance to understand the wants and needs of those seeking to pursue such things to insure the proper jurisdiction is chosen.

We look forward to learning more about how we can be of assistance to you.

WARNING: If you use a “free” email service like gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc, our reply to you may be sent to your spam folder.  I will typically reply within 48 hours.

We are here to help answer your questions and look forward to hearing from you!





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